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At a high level, many of our customers choose to pay for their investment with our in house financing that requires no money upfront. Instead they would have a monthly payment that is often lower than what they pay their utility provider right from the start. The general idea is instead of paying the utility $200 in a monthly rent payment for electricity, customers could instead pay in the $100 range for that same amount of electricity while building equity/ ownership of their solar panels. For customers who pay in cash, they typically get back the money they spent in 4 to 6 years. This is a ROI that usually ends up making more money than if they invested it in the stock market based on the past 70 years of historical returns.

Every customer's entire property will undergo a site inspection within a week of wanting to pursue solar installation. This is a very in depth review of a client's home to ensure no pre-existing fire code violations, roof damage, or electrical upgrades are needed. This industry leading practice allows every homeowner to have the piece of mind that no surprises or changes will happen on the day of installation.

Metal based roofing material is probably considered the best due to the longevity. However, almost all roofing material is able to be accommodated for solar installation. The most common materials are composite shingle and standing seam metal.

The only non-penetrating roof applications are on standing seam metal roof and flat roof ballast systems. On all others we use a very reliable roof flashing made especially for solar mounting systems. Every system comes with a roof leak prevention guarantee as well.

Solar panels work best when they face south because of our location north of the equator. However, they can still be quite effective if they face anywhere from due East to just past due West.

Harnessing the free resource of sunlight and turning it into electricity is an effective, and cost-effective method to provide energy to your home. It can boost your home's value while decreasing your electric expenses. What's even better, transitioning to solar power is now more budget-friendly than ever, thanks to tax incentives, Illinois rebates, net metering programs, and flexible payment choices.

On average, from the moment you sign the contract to the point when your home starts running on the solar system, it usually takes about 3 months. With our larger workforce this timeline is currently an industry leader for our service area while other similar companies have up to 8-10 month wait times.

The install itself usually spans 1-2 days, although it's part of a multi-step process with different parties such as city and utility companies working together before the system can be activated.

We understand your eagnerness to harness the benefits of solar energy and reduce costs. While your system is most likely already in place, the timeline for inspection rests in the hands of the utility company, and they may take their time before scheduling the assessment. 

We are here to assist you in getting the most out of the increased home value that solar panels bring. We provide documents that contain all the necessary information for potential buyers, such as details about your system, its performance, and its transferable warranty. Additionally, we can collaborate with your real estate agent to help them explain the added value of your solar installation.

Our team of experts can easily assist with uninstalling and reinstalling solar systems. Our dedicated team will work together with your roofing contractor to make sure this process is done as smoothly as possible. We even provide a complimentary system inspection during our service and ensure that your system performs as well as, if not better than, before. Reach out to us before starting any work.

Absolutely! Our team of versed and certified consultants can meet you at your home to walk you through the entire process in person for zero cost. This meeting will also provide you with a custom energy savings report for your home.

Surge Solar & Associates is a solar company with HONESTY, INTEGRITY and EDUCATIONAL resources always as the main focus. No other company is providing the warranties, pre-install inspections, tier-1 equipment and installation timeframes at the prices we are providing. Feel free to request a list of local references at any point in your solar journey!


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