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With Illinois ABP funding and federal tax credits at an all time high there has never been a better time to experience MAXIUM savings. The average household is now saving $1000 - $4000 per year in electricity cost thanks to owning their own power.

Invest In Your Home

By installing a solar system, homeowners reinvest in their homes, boosting value and potential sale price. Instead of channeling your hard-earned money to utility providers, invest in your home and keep pace with the rising property values.

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Discover the stories of satisfied homeowners who have embraced solar energy ownership with Surge Solar of Illinois. Explore our client testimonials to see how our residential solar panels have made a difference in their lives.

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Unlock the true potential of energy independence with home solar panels from Surge Solar Power, your local Illinois Solar Panel Provider. Take charge of your power consumption like never before.

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Experience unparalleled peace of mind with an industry-leading guarantee. We offer a 100% guarantee on the energy output of your solar power system, that sets us apart from all other competition.