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Providing Illinois

With Solar Energy

Surge Solar & Associates of Illinois. Proudly serving local communities around Illinois to gain independence and financial freedom through home solar panels. 

Helping Local Illinois Families

Become Energy Owners

Unlock the true potential of energy independence with home solar panels from Surge Solar Power, your local Illinois Solar Panel Provider. Take charge of your power consumption like never before.

25 Year

production guarantee

Experience unparalleled peace of mind with an industry-leading guarantee. We offer a 100% guarantee on the energy output of your solar power system, that sets us apart from all other competition.

Surge Solar & Associates

Providing Illinois Homeowners With Solar Power



Home with Solar Panels Installed on the roof from Surge Solar & Associates of Illinois Located at 221 South Randolph Street Suite 8 Macomb, Illinois 61455 (217) 617-4030

Solar Installations

Embrace the future of solar power with our professional solar panel installation and setup services. We are committed to preparing your home for a sustainable future that empowers you to harness the limitless potential of solar energy.

Photo of Solar Panels from Surge Solar & Associates of Illinois Located at 221 South Randolph Street Suite 8 Macomb, Illinois 61455 (217) 617-4030

Solar Panel Options

Explore our extensive selection of solar panels and inverters, that provide you with a customizable array of options to choose from. Our dedicated team is here to assist you in making the optimal decision for your home, ensuring you find the perfect solar panel solution that suits your specific needs.

Managing Your New Energy

Take control of your energy management with the seamless integration of smart technology and solar power. By harnessing the potential of solar energy, you can optimize your energy consumption, monitor and track your usage in real-time, and make informed decisions to maximize efficiency.

Surge Solar Of Illinois Reviews

What Our Client Say

Discover the stories of satisfied homeowners who have embraced solar energy ownership with Surge Solar of Illinois. Explore our client testimonials to see how our residential solar panels have made a difference in their lives.

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Locations Across Illinois

Serving all of Central & Northern Illinois Locations In Macomb and Jacksonville.

Surge Solar & Associates

Phone: (217) 617-4030

Address: Surge Solar & Associates
221 South Randolph Street
Suite 8
Macomb, Illinois 61455



Discover the world of Surge Solar & Associates and delve into the realm of solar power for your home through our comprehensive blog and informative Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. Uncover valuable insights, expert advice, and up-to-date information that will equip you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about harnessing the power of solar energy for your home. Explore our resources and empower yourself to embrace a more secure and sustainable future.

How much do solar panels increase home value?

How much do solar panels increase home value?

How much do solar panels increase home value? The Bright Side of Real Estate: Understanding How Solar Panels Increase Home Value Embracing Renewable Energy: A Smart Real Estate Investment In the realm of home improvements, solar panels are not just a nod to environmental responsibility but also a savvy real estate investment. As more homeowners […]

2024 Residential Solar Tax Credits in Illinois

2024 Residential Solar Tax Credits in Illinois

Residential solar tax credits are coming in 2024 in Illinois? Illuminating the Future: 2024 Residential Solar Tax Credits in Illinois As we journey into 2024, Illinois residents have something exciting on the horizon, especially for those considering solar energy for their homes. The state is gearing up to introduce new and potentially lucrative residential solar […]

Our Solar Panel

Installation Process

Experience our streamlined and hassle-free process to embark on your solar journey with ease. Our knowledgeable team will guide you through the entire process, providing accurate estimates and savings projections tailored to your unique situation. Once you’re ready, we’ll swiftly schedule the installation, handle all state paperwork and utility requirements, setting you on the path towards becoming proud energy owners. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to a simplified path towards solar energy.


Schedule An Appointment

Schedule an appointment with one of our solar specialists at Surge Solar & Associates of Illinois for an home or online assessment. 


Get Your Home Energy Audit

We’ll deliver a custom report for your individual home with educational resources on state, federal and utility incentives. All while allowing you 1 on 1 access to a solar professional to ask any questions on the topic. 


Solar Installation

If you decide to move forward with taking control of your power, we will begin submitting all necessary applications. Once approved for installation most projects only take 1 – 2 days for our home energy experts to install your new solar panels. 

Solar Power is

Energy Independence

Embrace the transformative power of energy ownership by harnessing the potential of solar panels. Solar energy empowers you to take control of your energy production and pave the way for a sustainable and independent future that you control. 

Embrace Energy I Ownership

Experience the transformative power of energy ownership as you embrace solar panels, taking charge of your energy generation

Expect Predictable Payemnts

Break free from the limitations imposed by fluctuating electricity prices and take control of your energy usage on your own terms

Join Other Homeowners

There is enough solar installations in Illinois to power 338,495 homes since 2021. Join the energy revolution and embrace energy independence

What Makes Surge Solar & Associated Unique 

Upfront Cost $0
0 Payments Required In First Year
Household Savings over System Lifetime $33,000 - $98,000
Power Guarantee